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COSMIC RITUAL LETTING GO 🌜 a moment to connect with the full moon

COSMIC RITUAL LETTING GO 🌜 a moment to connect with the full moon

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Prepare to embrace the energies of the Full Moon and reveal your inner feminine power. With this online ritual, at your own pace, you have the opportunity to align yourself with the magical vibrations of this lunar cycle.

A ritual of letting go to find inner peace and free your mind. 🌟

📖 25-page e-book describing, among other things, the energies of the moment and accompanying you step by step in carrying out the ritual. Accessible if you are a beginner and without the need for tools (you only need a simple candle)

🔮 Dive into a guided visualization to reconnect with your inner core and anchor your energy before the ritual.

🕯️An energy treatment to listen to to take care of your energy.

🌜 Personal guidance that I create for you with a message from my oracle.

🌞 Bonus a ritual offered to connect you to the summer season and the sun.

💖 Experience this unique moment like a whole community of inspiring and magical women.

LIMITED PLACE, Reserve now and illuminate your path with the magic of the full moon with strength and serenity. 

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