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Raw Pyrite ✨ Abundance & Protection

Raw Pyrite ✨ Abundance & Protection

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Pyrite is known to be a protective shield deeply connected to the energies of the Earth. Helps to be anchored in the present moment while bringing power and inner peace. Pyrite is said to have immense healing powers for the soul as it has pure magic within. It attracts positive energy and builds confidence and self-esteem.
✨More Magic : Also called Fool's Gold, Pyrite is known to attract abundance and success.

🧿 Shipped in a pretty pouch.

🧿 240g on average, sold individually.

🧿 All our stones are purified before arriving at your home.

🧿 The stones sold at grigri Magic come from French suppliers.

Since the stones are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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