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Selenite Plate Flower of Life

Selenite Plate Flower of Life

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Pretty Selenite plaque engraved with a flower of life. Place it in your home to benefit from its great power of purification . Ideal for decoration to create a soft energetic atmosphere and envelop the place with luminous energy.

Flower of life: Geometrically perfect symbol, considered sacred, holds a powerful vibrational and energetic force. It is perfect for recharging your stones, harmonizing the energies of a place and purifying a space.

A powerful purifier, selenite is often used to cleanse heavy energies & to recharge crystals. The magic of this stone harmonizes while bringing calm to the mind. It brings inner peace, calming the soul and connects us to our intuition. It's the magic charm to have at home.

⚠️ This stone does not support contact with water

🧿 Size 80mm, sold individually.

🧿 All our stones are purified before arriving at your home.

🧿 The stones sold at grigri Magic come from French suppliers and are carefully selected to offer you the best quality.

Since the stones are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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