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Labradorite 💙 Polished Block

Labradorite 💙 Polished Block

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Ideal if you are looking for a powerful protective stone to have in your home. It acts as a shield to protect you from negative and toxic energies. Having this stone in your home helps to cultivate joy and good humor at home but also to attract good people and happy events.

💜 In a living room, harmonizes emotions and keeps the mind clear and serene.

💜At work, help you connect to the present moment and protect the energies of the people around you.

💜 In a room, soothes before sleeping and helps you have restful sleep.

💜 Little magical extra, helps to be grounded and feel confident, perfect for meditating.

Approximate width 10cm, weight : 1000 g

🧿 The stones sold at grigri Magic come from French suppliers and come from fair trade and environmentally friendly mines. All our stones are purified before arriving at your home.

Since the stones are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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