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Heavenly Necklace 🌞🌜

Heavenly Necklace 🌞🌜

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Discover the Céleste necklace, an enchanting jewel that captures the mystical essence of the cosmos. The necklace pendant features a delicate moon, a symbol of femininity & intuition as well as a sun, a symbol of power & rebirth. A figure of balance between cosmic forces & reflecting light in a captivating way, this grigri will add a celestial glow to your look.

Whether you wear it for a special occasion, to add a touch of mystery to your style or as a talisman, this necklace will be a constant reminder of the beauty and power of the universe.

🧿 As this is a magical necklace, we encourage you to embrace your own interpretation of its symbolism. Magic is what you make it.

Your necklace is made up of:

a gold stainless steel mesh chain decorated with an eye motif in multicolored resin.

✨ a Sun & Moon medal in water-resistant stainless steel.

✨ Delivered in a pretty pouch.

44cm + 5cm extension chain

🌟 Maintenance of grigris 🌟
Designed to resist water.

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