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Rock Crystal Point ✨ Light

Rock Crystal Point ✨ Light

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A stone of light, rock crystal calms stress and anxiety while bringing strength to those around it. It is also known to increase the powers of stones, considered the queen of stones, it recharges, cleanses and amplifies energy. With its pointed shape, the magic of the stone is favored to create harmony and diffuse beneficial energy in a place. It purifies the room where it is placed, perfect to have in the living room, often the main living space of the home. Rock crystal is the stone to have at home.

🧿 Shipped in a pretty organic cotton pouch.

🧿 Sold individually.

🧿 All our stones are purified before arriving at your home.

🧿 The stones sold at grigri Magic come from French suppliers and are carefully selected.

Since the stones are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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