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Abalone Shell Australia ✨ For fumigation or incense.

Abalone Shell Australia ✨ For fumigation or incense.

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A wonder of nature with magnificent iridescent reflections of blue mother-of-pearl symbolizing the ear of the sea, it brings joy and openness to the world.


On your spiritual altar, this sacred shell can be used as a support for fumigation in order to purify your living space or your crystals.

✨ IT'S MAGIC: During purification and fumigation rituals, the four elements are represented. The shell comes from water, fire when we light sage, Palo Santo or its incense, herbs and ashes are earth, and finally smoke, the air element.

🧿 Size approximately 13-15 cm.

🧿 Abalone shells are natural products from the sea and therefore may vary in size and color as well as “imperfections” around the edges.

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