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Grigri Magic Necklace - Unique like you

Grigri Magic Necklace - Unique like you

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Personalize your Grigri

Exemple : 2,3,6 (3 grigris)

The Grigri Magic necklace was imagined as the grigri par excellence. The idea is that you can choose the charms that accompany the Labradorite amulet. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and choose the symbols that resonate with you.

This necklace is your enchanted charm so that you can continue to reveal your light and your unique magic to the world.

Your necklace is made up of:

✨ Grigris with enchanted choices of beautiful energies:

🧿 Eye: Evil eye protection
🐍 Snake: Healing, Protection, Transformation
🌟 Star: Guidance, Intuition, Personal Power
🧡 Heart: Love, Connection, Balance
🍀Clover: Luck, Happiness, Growth
🌶️ Red pepper: Abundance, Protection, Inner fire

✨a Faceted & Sun Labradorite pendant : To remind you that you are the source of your magic! The magic of this stone brings protection, strength and courage.

✨a stainless steel mesh chain 50 + 5 cm Perfect material to withstand life.

✨ Stainless steel charms.

✨ Delivered in a pretty pouch.

🌟 Maintenance of grigris 🌟
Designed to be water resistant under normal use. 💧

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