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Home Box 🧿 Protection & Energy Cleaning

Home Box 🧿 Protection & Energy Cleaning

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The perfect set for your Magic rituals. In this kit you will find everything you need to cleanse your home of negative energies and protect it.

This box contains:

✨ A Protection candle: White sage and Basil, let yourself be enchanted by this divine smell which will chase away bad energies and bring peace to your home. Created by hand with care and magic. Based on soy wax, natural fragrances from Grasse, nothing is left to chance so that you can enjoy a quality candle. (120ml of wax, approximately 25 hours of burning time)

✨ Abalone Shell: this sacred shell can be used as a support for fumigation in order to purify your living space or your crystals. It is also possible to use it as an incense holder. Symbolizing the ear of the sea, the abalone shell brings joy and openness to the world.

✨ Palo Santo: Sacred Wood originally from South America, it is used by Incan Shamans during purification rituals. Calms and soothes, Palo Santo is perfect for your protection rituals.

✨ White Sage: It is the most powerful sage for cleansing bad energies. Its smoke purifies, leaving room for more positivity.

✨ A linen pouch to keep your charms safe.

As the products are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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