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For light, strength and confidence ✨

For light, strength and confidence ✨

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Each piece of jewelry is a source of magic & infused with love. A creation made consciously, by hand, for you so that you can diffuse your beautiful light.

Your necklace is made up of:

✨Freshwater pearls: The magic of this stone brings softness and love. It harmonizes energies by helping them to circulate better. Stone of intuition which comes to guide us so that we listen to this little voice within us.

✨ Dalmatian Jasper: Balances energies while keeping the negative away from the one and attracting the positive, ultimately that's all we love!

✨ Red Garnet: The magic of this stone promotes self-confidence and helps to assert oneself. Also allows you to better control your emotions and gives you the strength to brave difficulties. Red garnet brings courage and change.

✨ Black Spinel: The magic of this powerful protective stone protects you from toxic energies. It calms the mind, gives strength and courage. She comes to guide us so that we can finally believe in ourselves and in our magic.

✨ Rock crystal: stone of light and calms stress and anxiety while bringing strength to the wearer. She is also known to increase the powers of the stones around her.

✨Moonstone: Acts naturally for the good of the wearer and harmonizes energies. It develops intuition and helps in making important decisions. It also eliminates unnecessary fears. It helps us find new energy, move in new directions, and protect us as we take a new path.

✨ Ethnic golden nickel-free stainless steel beads.

Grigri Magic jewelry is talisman, it is made to order.

Chocker 30cm + 5cm stainless steel extension chain

🌟 Jewelry maintenance

The small bags delivered with your charms will allow you to protect them from light and humidity.

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