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Amethyst 💜 Druse

Amethyst 💜 Druse

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Ideal if you are looking for a stone that harmonizes, protects and brings peace. Amethyst attracts positive energy, arouses the feeling of being surrounded by a bubble of light, thus creating calm at home. A powerful stone, it harmonizes the place where it is placed as well as its occupants, while purifying heavy energies.

💜 In a living room, facilitates family bonding time and provides the confidence and calm necessary for happy communication.

💜At work, it will help you make difficult decisions and free you from the stress of long days.

💜 In the bathroom, enjoy a moment of relaxation while forgetting the hustle and bustle of daily life.

💜 In a bedroom, it promotes sleep, combats insomnia while promoting emotional centering.

💜 Little extra magic, the geode is perfect for recharging your other stones.

🧿 The stones sold at grigri Magic come from French suppliers and come from fair trade and environmentally friendly mines. All our stones are purified before arriving at your home.

Since the stones are natural and authentic, their colors, shapes and reflections may vary from the photo.

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